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The formulas are synergistically combined, to maximize the benefits derived from each herb and the combination of the different herbs

Our herbal supplements provide a holistic response to a wide range of chronic ailments.

They address the root of the ailment with the foundations of alternative medicine.

GILVERDI was established by an expert in alternative medicine, with more than 30 years of experience in alternative medical treatments and the development of unique formulas that utilize the herbal virtues, for the optimal outcome of treatment.

אודות Gilverdi ורד גלעד

Vered Gilad, the inventor of the formula

During Vered Gilad’s 12 years in Japan, she studied and practiced alternative medicine and herbal virtues. She trained and specialized in schools in Osaka (Japan), acquiring a master’s in Phyto-homeopathy, Kampo-Yaku, naturopathy, shiatsu, nutritional medicine, and aromatherapy.

Parallel to her work in alternative medicine in Japan and Israel, she has researched and developed products for resolving various ailments, including the Viralis formula.

Ms. Gilad works in the development, marketing, and sales of herbal supplements.

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